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High Tech's corrosion stopping, energy saving hvac coatings

     High Tech's "Extreme Surface Treatment" for HVAC both extends the life of the equipment but also saves energy, translating directly to an excellent ROI on your original equipment investment and operation.

     Our inorganic, cross linked cured, glass like coating chemically bonds to nonferrous metal surfaces ensuring maximum adhesion and corrosion protection.  At 8 microns film thickness the coating will not affect heat transfer and offers increased laminar air flow.

     We can prolong the HVAC unit beyond its normal engineered life expectancy, extending the replacement cycle and capital budget outlay.  The deferred capital expenses as well as energy savings drop directly to the bottom line.

     While protecting the surface from corrosion, the glass like film enhances the surface by keeping the unit cleaner without requiring corrosive coil cleaners that compromise the metal's integrity and are harmful to the environment.  In the air handler, High Tech's inorganic coatings will not support mold growth, thereby improving IAQ- indoor air quality.  Our surface treatments have been proven to provide up to 15% energy savings over the life of the equipment.

primary benefits include:

  • Extreme Corrosion Protection
  • Extended Unit Life
  • Coils is Easier to Clean and Maintain
  • Mitigate Mold Growth
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Proven Energy Savings
High Tech Surface Solutions