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Constantly stripping and waxing your vct?  We have the solution

Hospitals, health care clinics, offices, and school systems alike all require a highly durable chemical resistant floor coating for their VCT.  High Tech has the solution.  We have many different types of high wear Urethane floor finishes designed specifically for VCT that do away with costly stripping and waxing.  

     No time for shut down?  No worries.  High Tech has extremely durable 100% solids coating for VCT that cures instantly with a high powered UV light.  No long waiting for the floor to dry or constantly moving furniture in and out. 


Primary benefits

  • Eliminates Stripping and Waxing
  • Extremely Durable last years
  • Highly Resistant to Chemicals
  • Aluminum Oxide can be added to make even more durable
  • Highly Attractive Finish
  • Reduced Downtime
  • No harmful Dust from Waxing
High Tech Surface Solutions